De Chirico, the Situationists, and architectural morphology

It was exactly one year ago today that I posted this brief synopsis of the history of Situationist International. And coincidentally I found myself reading the situationists and the city (ed.Tom McDonough) on the metro today. In the first essay by Ivan Chtcheglov, one of the first to put the theoretical ideas of the SituationistContinue reading “De Chirico, the Situationists, and architectural morphology”

What is all this psychogeographic stuff?

In the hopes of learning through making, I’ve explored a few possibilities for maps of my own. This isn’t really a map but I wanted to include it anyways because when I started writing this post I was reminded of it. My friend Betsy asked me to contribute to an exquisite corpse project she wasContinue reading “What is all this psychogeographic stuff?”

Exhibitions and installations based on psychogeography

Of the two festivals that offer installations and performances roughly based on psychogeography, Conflux and AIOP seem to have lost a strong thread tying all of the exhibitions together. The individual installations and performances included in these events are only scratching the surface, but when viewed as a collective festival it infuses the urban landscapeContinue reading “Exhibitions and installations based on psychogeography”

oooooh! I’m starting to get it

Michelle also said something in our meeting on Thursday that made me think. How do I see this work entering the community itself? What do I see as the site-specific application of my abstractions, symbols and drawings? I just discovered a Brooklyn artist who places tape in geometric (mostly cubes and rectangles) shapes in theContinue reading “oooooh! I’m starting to get it”