Defining roles that defy definition

I went to an Ada’s list event a few days ago and someone asked me what kind of design I do. For a moment I had no idea what to say. I told her that my background is in graphic design and nowadays I eat and excrete digital. Working on a team in an agile environment definitelyContinue reading “Defining roles that defy definition”

Designers of the signs that guide you

I’m starting a new full-time (freelance) job in two weeks here in London. It’s with a digital product agency called Made by Many and I can’t wait to be one of the Many… who makes web things. My transition to the new job is making me pause and reflect on some of the experiences I’veContinue reading “Designers of the signs that guide you”

Process and pedagogy

There’s a conference happening at the moment a few blocks away from me at the Barbican. It’s bringing together all of the biggest names in graphic design – Paula Scher, Kenya Hara, Tony Brook – for a couple days, to spark dialogue. The idea is that instead of designers pontificating at the audience, they willContinue reading “Process and pedagogy”

Evolution of a designer’s process

I  lost my Muji file folder with a notebook I used for my work with Base Madrid. Admittedly it made me nostalgic for those days. Most of the time I think nostalgia is useless, but it made me reflect on the evolution of my process – from that time when it was more conceptual andContinue reading “Evolution of a designer’s process”

The future is (almost) here

I’ve been to many conferences so far in my burgeoning life as a web designer. There are some that seem heavily used for PR efforts and some that are just an utter mess, so it’s nice when it feels like a really well-organized, sincere and thoughtful event. dConstruct is one of the good kind. IContinue reading “The future is (almost) here”

Concept, play, and the space between

I went to see Sascha Lobe speak on Tuesday night at MAD, as part of AIGA design talk extravaganza. He runs L2M3 in Germany. And he’s really hot. Once I got over that and started paying attention (lets be honest, I still haven’t gotten over it), it reminded me of the work I did with BaseContinue reading “Concept, play, and the space between”

The freelance life/ Moving on

Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about working as a designer. I have a lot of passion for what I do, and doing good work is very important to me. As a freelancer, I’ve felt a bit like a nomad. I’ve worked on great projects for large and small clients, and appreciateContinue reading “The freelance life/ Moving on”

Making connections

In the past few years since I started this blog, it’s biggest purpose has been to make connections between the thoughts in my head and the work I’m doing. I have a major connection to make, that gets to the heart of why I do what I do. For the past four months I’ve beenContinue reading “Making connections”

Endings, and new beginnings

New and improved! Identity for The Writers Room: Sometimes I work at their space on Astor and Broadway and I’m secretly hoping that I learn how to be a writer by osmosis. Side note about the logo: the tagline is just a friend to the logo, they’re not married. The logo can easily survive onContinue reading “Endings, and new beginnings”