I’m Giving a Talk, Y’all!

The event is called, Design Marathon: The Design that Changed the World. https://generalassemb.ly/education/design-marathon-the-design-that-changed-the-world/london/11293 I’m excited! My talk is on technology and art, and how there are major opportunities for disruption in the industry. Blog post on the same topic to come shortly!

So much more than a “like”

USING DATA RESPONSIBLY   Customization has become de rigueur in the web technology world, and so the trend towards prolific data collection and algorithm-controlled experiences continues unabated. Not to be confused with “big data” in marketing, the data I’m referring to lives in the ecosystem of the product you’re creating to hopefully deliver a betterContinue reading “So much more than a “like””

The reader gives text its meaning

Roland Barthes wrote in his essay “Death of the Author” that it is not about the meaning the author gives to a work – it’s the reader that gives text its meaning. Along the same lines, for my current project Tomorrow and Today my intention is that the varying perspectives of others will give the work itsContinue reading “The reader gives text its meaning”

Public Art in the Digital Space

A NEW EXHIBITION MODEL In the last Elephant magazine, curator Rafal Niemojewski explains his views that the exhibition model is a remnant from an antiquated time. His doctoral studies were on the role the biennal as offering the artist more structural flexibility with which to exhibit art, now imagining the next curatorial phase will take placeContinue reading “Public Art in the Digital Space”

A new paradigm

A friend of mine uses Google Glass to record her painting process, and she uses the phrase “shortening time between intention and action” to describe wearable technologies. It’s a powerful change to suddenly not need to reach for our phone and lower our gaze to search for something, capture a memory, or discover new information. It isContinue reading “A new paradigm”

Learning from users and creating kick ass products

I recently realized that I don’t really make websites anymore (captain obvious!). I’ve been immersed in product design and startups for the last year of my life, and have been designing web products that have more requirements than designing a pure content site. There’s lots of banter about “website vs app”, but one of theContinue reading “Learning from users and creating kick ass products”

Design as Art

In a recent Fast Company article, artist Olafur Eliasson proclaims that architects are not artists. “I think architects are much too sophisticated to be artists, and they are trained in the great art of making compromises to keep the client happy.” The subtle dance of the designer/client relationship makes completing a great work of architectureContinue reading “Design as Art”

Design is design is design

When i was working in spain with Base Madrid my mentor David Cano offered to refer me for another freelance gig with a friend of his. It was mobile design for a telecom. I told him I had never done that before and he said, “Design is design.” If you can design large-scale (we hadContinue reading “Design is design is design”

Neomodernism in product design

There is a fascinating correlation between the underlying principles of the lean startup movement and the underlying principles of modernism, regarding both process and theory. Living in the heart of Shoreditch I have come across many startups and agencies using lean and agile methodologies, and worked for a few. The uncontested bible that these fast-paced companiesContinue reading “Neomodernism in product design”

A New Perspective

Over past two years I’ve had a major pendulum swing from design based on cultural immersion to design based on technological immersion, also from a process guided by a creative director to a process guided by a lean methodology. Even though all of my work is built in code now, my inspiration still comes fromContinue reading “A New Perspective”